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The Raising of America will reframe the way we look at early child health and development. This series offers a way to get involved and advance a vision where all our children matter, all are nurtured and all have opportunities to thrive.
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High quality child care is essential for our children, our families and our society

Childhood care and education (CCE) providers play a key role in children’s lives. Healthy, safe and nurturing CCE environments and a skilled CCE workforce using best practices can preserve, protect and promote children’s health and well-being and build a foundation for lifelong health and learning.

When CCE is healthy, families can work, go to school and participate in their community assured that their children’s needs are met, and their community will have a healthier future.


Regular bleach concentration ​has changed

Know your bleach concentration and mix it up right!

Bleach is often mixed with water to sanitize and disinfect child care facilities. It is now stronger and may expose children and staff to more chemicals than necessary if mixed using the old recipe. If you are using regular bleach in your child care facility, read about the new recipe, download posters and cards and find answers to frequently asked questions about bleach.

Oregon Kids: Healthy and Safe

Oregon Kids: Healthy and Safe (OKHS) is a training and online resource that early care and education professionals can use to provide healthy and safe environments and practices for children in their care.

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Flu Season Resources

Get information and resources on preventing the spread of flu for child care and families.

PediaLink Online Course: Influenza Prevention and Control in Early Education and Child Care

This FREE online course educates staff who work in Head Start and other early education and child care programs about influenza policies and strategies that help keep children healthy.