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ABCD Screening Initiative

Child health providers have the ability to perform continuous surveillance and screening during routine, well-child visits. Such visits provide an opportunity to identify developmental delays or disabilities. Once a child is identified with having potential delays or disabilities, referral for further evaluation and follow-up must occur quickly.

Oregon’s Early Intervention/Early Childhood (EI/ECSE) program provides specialized evaluation and follow-up services to children birth to age 5, who demonstrate developmental delay or disability. Pediatric primary care providers can refer a child and his or her family to their county’s EI/ESCE program. EI/ECSE staff will contact the family, find out the child’s needs, and evaluate the child for eligibility for EI/ESCE services or refer the family to other services in the community.

Referrals to EI/ECSE

One of the goals of the Oregon ABCD Early Childhood Screening Initiatives is to enhance communication between child health professionals and EI/ECSE programs.

Enhanced communication between child health providers and EI/ESCE is an essential element to preventing duplication of services and improving overall quality of care for children and families.

Referrals for children with developmental delays or disabilities are enhanced when child health providers know what information is helpful to EI/ECSE. The Oregon ABCD EI/ECSE Referral Form was created to help child health providers capture important referral information streamlining the referral and evaluation process. The Oregon ABCD EI/ECSE Referral Form also includes a dual consent authorizing the sharing of information under both Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The primary goal of the dual consent is to enhance communication by allowing child health providers and EI/ECSE to release important information to one another better ensuring children and families are getting the care they need.

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