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Many women drink, and moderate drinking is thought to confer some benefits against heart disease for both women and men. However, women need to know that alcohol consumption poses numerous health risks, especially if they are drinking excessively or are pregnant.

If you see a patient who is planning to become pregnant, encourage her to abstain from alcohol. If she is sexually active, not using contraception and drinking, talk to her about alcohol-exposed pregnancies and encourage contraceptive use or abstinence from alcohol. In general, patients don't object to being screened for alcohol use and are open to advice post-screening. Women are more likely than men to obtain help and achieve remission.

Diagnosing FAS

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be challenging to diagnose.

Free Outreach MaterialsImage of binge drinking outreach poster

We offer free fact cards and posters about the dangers of binge drinking.
View binge drinking fact card (pdf)
View samples of the posters (pdf)

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