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News From Oregon School-Based Health Centers
School-Based Health Center Mental Health Expansion Grants
The Oregon State Legislature recently approved the Oregon Health Authority budget for 2013-2015, which included increased funding to the Addictions and Mental Health Division to support Oregon’s community mental health system. A portion of this funding was allocated for children’s mental health, allowing for a funding opportunity for School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) to increase their capacity to provide mental health services to their clients. SBHCs are an access health care model in which comprehensive physical, mental, and preventive health services are provided to youth and adolescents in a primary care setting based in a school.
The SBHC State Program Office (SPO) recently announced the release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for School-Based Health Center Mental Health Expansion Grants. Applications were accepted to support mental health capacity within the school-based health center system by:
  1. Adding mental health staff and expanding current mental health staff hours, with the ability to collect and report mental health encounter visits; and /or
  2. Supporting mental health projects within the school-based health center system, including:
    1. Implementation of a mental health screening tool or framework
    2. Implementation of a mental health telehealth project
    3. Implementation of a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and mental health research project
    4. Integration of a data capturing system
    5. Support equity and cultural competency
Proposals were reviewed by an oversight panel, including individuals from the SPO and the Addictions and Mental Health Division. Applications were evaluated for unmet need based upon current mental health staffing and populations served, e.g., rural/frontier communities, large enrollment, and high free and reduced lunch rate. Counties received informal notification of their award status on December 9th.
  • Total counties requesting funding: 16
  • Total counties awarded funding: 16
  • New SBHC mental health FTE supported: 26.0
  • Number of SBHCs integrating new mental health screening frameworks: 13
The State Program Office is looking forward to working with SBHC systems and our partners at the Addictions and Mental Health Division to increase access to quality mental health services during the next 18 months.
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