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Free Training Opportunities
  • Financial Sustainability for Small System - Webinar 2 hours (self-paced)
    This eLearning course focuses on 3 major areas needed by small systems to achieve financial sustainability; including understanding enterprise funds and their revenues, as well as an overview of what is needed to protect public health through safe water.
  • Revised Total Coliform Rule - Webinar 3 hours (self-paced)
    This eLearning course focuses on 4 major areas needed by small systems to maintain and achieve compliance with the Revised Total Coliform Rule; including when and how to conduct the RTCR assessment, evaluation of sampling procedures, source water treatment assessments and evaluation of distribution system operations and maintenance practices on coliform occurrence.

    CEUs for Water System Operators

    Oregon Environmental Services Advisory Council (OESACs) evaluates a wide variety of courses for assigning drinking water CEUs.  

    Small Water System Training Courses

    The small water system training course is developed specifically for small water system operators. Both classroom training and an online training option are available. All trainings are free of cost and are eligible for CEUs. 

    Surface Water Treatment Training Courses

    The following training is designed to provide both new and experienced operators with an overview of surface water treatment by covering various filtration processes, disinfection practices, and regulatory requirements. All trainings are free of cost and are eligible for CEUs.

    Cross Connection & Backflow Training Courses

    The following organizations have been approved by OHA to provide Backflow Tester and Cross Connection Specialist training throughout the year.