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Sustainable Infrastructure Planning Projects

Planning activities that promote sustainable water infrastructure may receive funding up to a maximum of $20,000 per project.  Priority is given to systems that serve fewer than 300 service connections. 

Eligible Projects

  • Feasibility Studies – studies to evaluate infrastructure project feasibility
  • Asset Management Plan – plan for managing water system infrastructure assets
  • System Partnership Studies – studies to evaluate potential for system consolidation / regionalization
  • Resilience Plan – plan for water system resiliency and identify a potential improvement project
  • Water Rate Analysis – analysis of water system rate charges, structure, and adequacy
  • Leak Detection Studies – studies to detect water system leakage and identify possible solutions
  • Water System Master Plan for water systems with < 300 connections – Long-range plan to evaluate the needs of the water system and make recommendations for future improvements

Ineligible projects include activities related to construction and/or engineering/design, and activities related to ineligible project types listed under the infrastructure loan program.

Projects must also incorporate a community engagement component and an asset management activity.  For more information on the specific components, please contact the IFA Regional Coordinator for your area.

Program Overview

  • Funding up to $20,000 per project (above $20,000 is based on approval and availability of funds)
  • 100% Forgivable Loan
  • Total funds available for all projects $320,000
  • An award for SIPP funding of up to $20,000 per water system may be awarded once every three (3) years for a project.
  • Water system must complete project within 1 year
  • Awarded projects have the flexibility to use up to 25% of the award to go towards the required community engagement & asset management components outlined above.
  • SIPP Program overview

Letter of Interst (LOI)

OHA & IFA will begin accepting Letters of Interest on Monday, September 26, 2016.  IFA will follow-up with systems who have submitted eligible Letters of Interest to complete the funding application on a quarterly basis.