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Drinking Water Source Protection Fund
The Drinking Water Source Protection Fund (DWSPF) is designed for the protection of drinking water sources. Funds are available through the DWSRF Local Assistance and Other State Programs Set-Aside (pdf). This set-aside allows states to provide loans (up to a maximum of $100,000) for certain source water assessment (SWA) implementation activities, including source water protection (SWP) land acquisition and other types of incentive-based source water quality protection measures. States may also provide direct assistance in the form of a grant (up to $30,000 per eligible system) or technical support in the areas of SWP area delineation and assessment, wellhead protection programs, and capacity development strategy. Examples of activities eligible through this set-aside include the development of local SWP ordinances and implementation of public education programs to highlight the importance of wellhead protection.

Publicly- and privately-owned community and nonprofit non-community water systems are eligible to apply for DWSPF funding. Water systems must have a completed SWA to be eligible. For more information regarding source water assessments, see SWA & Land Use Planning (pdf).

To be considered for DWSPF funding, water systems must submit a completed Letter of Interest (LOI) specific to source protection:
  • DWSPF LOI (fillable pdf) (Note: To fill out this form electronically, it is recommended that you save the PDF directly to your computer before completing it as information entered in the form displayed within your browser may not be saved.)
  • DWSPF LOI (MS Word)

DWSPF Project Priority List (PPL)
The source protection project priority list reflects the final relative ranking of projects and activities reviewed for funding by Drinking Water Services and the DEQ Drinking Water Protection Program. Eligible projects remain on the funding list for two years. If after two years the project remains unfunded, it is removed from the list unless the water system submits an updated LOI. Each water system identified as "recommended for funding in 2014" will be contacted by the Infrastructure Finance Authority (IFA) about completing a grant application to receive grant monies. Each water system identified as "considered for funding in 2015 or if 2014 funding becomes available" must wait until the water system above it on the list advises IFA that it no longer wants the grant or a full year passes and the eligible project in question is ranked high enough to be recommended for funding. "Projects below were not considered eligible for funding due to low score" will not be considered for funding in 2014 and must submit a new LOI to be considered for grant funding in 2015.

Information about source protection project rating criteria:


If your system has an urgent SWP matter that may need immediate attention, contact Tom Pattee, Groundwater Coordinator/SWP, at or 541-726-2587 ext. 24.