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Domestic Well Safety
Approximately 23% of Oregonians rely on domestic wells, or private wells, as their primary source of potable water.
This makes groundwater protection and well stewardship of high public health importance. To protect both the lifelong health of Oregonians and the state’s groundwater resources, the Oregon Domestic Well Safety Program (DWSP) focuses on improving local and state capacity to assess and manage risks associated with private wells. DWSP partners with local health departments and water information providers to further promote domestic well safety.
      •  DWSP's 2015 Request for Proposals (RFP) is CLOSED! DWSP intends to provide two awards of $5k, or one award of $10k, to Local Public Health Authorities to support capacity building of domestic well safety outreach, during the period of January 1, 2015 through August 31, 2015. The application period is now closed and awardees will be notified shortly. Stay tuned! 

      • NEW resource for domestic well stakeholders! If you are interested in receiving and sharing updates about private wells in Oregon and the DWSP, join our brand new mailing list!
      • Marist High School science students in LANE County are proud to provide, as a community service, free testing for nitrate concentrations to any who wish to drop off samples at the school!  If you have a sample and would like testing, please email Sue Yellowtail at Please note that Marist High School nitrate testing is for screening purposes only and if certified results are necessary, further testing should be performed by a certified lab.



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