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Food Sanitation Rules - Tools for Operators

To keep Oregonians healthy while dining out, the Oregon Public Health Division Foodborne Illness Prevention Program has adopted the 2009 FDA Food Code, which is based on the latest science regarding food safety practices.

Below are the rule documents, guides used by inspectors during each inspection, fact sheets for operators on the significant changes from the previous version of the rules, and other helpful guidance. 


Food Sanitation Rules and Inspection Guide

2012 Food Sanitation Rules 

2012 Inspection Guide

FDA Food Code

2009 FDA Food Code

2009 FDA Food Code - Spanish (or complete version with Annexes)


"Know the Code" - Fact Sheets for Operators

#1  Minimizing Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods

#2  Reduced Oxygen Packaging without a Variance

Reduced Oxygen Packaging Overview (thank you to Multnomah County for document formatting)

#3  Variances

#4  Cook/Chill and Sous Vide

#5  Employee Illness Policy

#5  Employee Illness Policy - Spanish

#6  Consumer Advisory

FDA Guidance to Implement Consumer Advisory

#7  Allergens

#8  Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom Buyer Verification

#9  Pet Dogs in Designated Outdoor Seating

#10  Proper Glove Use

#11  Cut Leafy Greens

#12  Cut Tomatoes

#13  Probe Thermometers

#14  Sprouting Seeds and Beans

#15  Pest Control Plans

Pest Control Plan Guidance for Operators

#16  Foods Exempt from Licensing by LPHA

#17  Outdoor Beverage Dispensing

#18  Storing Raw Animal Foods in the Freezer

#19  Non-Continuous Cooking

#20  Outdoor Cooking

#21  Growler Refilling

#22  Bottling Sauces and Dressings

#23  Pickling and Fermentation in Food Service Facilities

#24  Mobile Unit Handwashing Systems Under Mechanical Pressure

#25  Special Processes in Food Service Establishments