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If you are a company or individual seeking certification as a lead-safe renovator, please read the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule page.

Regulations for Lead-Based Paint Activities

Regulations on lead-based paint activities (paint inspection, risk assessment, project design and abatement/lead-paint hazard removal) protect the public from hazards of improperly conducted lead-based paint activities.


  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates lead-based paint activities for states that don't have the authority to operate their own lead programs.
  • The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has authority from EPA to regulate lead-based paint activities in Oregon.
  • OHA's Lead-Based Paint Program (LBPP) regulates lead-based paint activities for lead-based paint activities individuals and firms.

The regulations include:

  1. training and certification to ensure proficiency of individuals conducting lead-based paint activities in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities;
  2. accreditation to ensure that training programs provide quality instruction in effective work practices; and
  3. work practice standards to ensure that lead-based paint activities are conducted safely, reliably, and effectively.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Abatement

Inspector filling out a form
Abatement is the permanent removal of lead-based paint hazards from a home or structure. Abatement includes removal of lead-based paint and dust, enclosure or encapsulation of lead-based paint, the replacement of lead-painted surfaces or fixtures and the removal or covering of lead contaminated soil. Preparation, cleanup, disposal, and post-abatement clearance testing are also considered to be abatement.


Abatement does not include renovation, remodeling, landscaping or other activities, when these activities are not designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. These activities fall under the Renovation, Repair and Painting rule. The EPA's Lead Abatement Professionals page addresses more in depth the activities that fall under the definition of abatement.

Training and Certification

Individuals and firms conducting lead-paint activities in Oregon must be trained by an OHA/EPA/EPA-authorized state accredited training provider, certified by OHA and licensed by CCB (see exemptions below). This means that both the individual and the company he/she works for needs to be OHA certified and have a CCB discipline license.


There are five certification disciplines for professionals conducting lead-based paint activities. The disciplines are inspector, risk assessor, supervisor, project designer and worker. Training and certification requirements differ by discipline. Firms can be individual proprietors or companies.

Step 1 Training: Accredited Training

  1. Complete a training course accredited by Oregon, EPA or an EPA-authorized state or tribal program and receive a course completion certificate. Course completion certificates expire in are valid for 3 years. At this time, Oregon does not have an accredited training provider for lead-based paint activities. However, Oregon accepts course completion certificates from EPA or any EPA-authorized state or tribal program. If you are interested in attending a lead-based paint activities training course, please call OHA at 971-673-0440.

Step 2 Certification: OHA Certification

  1. Complete OHA's Lead-Based Paint Individual Certification application
  2. Complete OHA's Lead-Based Paint Firm Certification application
    - if you are self-employed, complete this application in addition to the individual application
    - if you are employed by a firm or business, make sure employer is OHA certified and has a CCB lead-based paint discipline license
    - public agencies that perform in-house lead-based paint services do not need to complete this application
  3. Complete Proof of Experience Form (one form for each job you are using to document experience)
  4. Complete Examination Request Form for Lead-Based Paint Abatement and Inspection Certification and attach a copy of course completion certificate from an OHA/EPA/EPA-Authorized State or Tribal Program Accredited Training Provider (completion of course must be within 3 years).
  5. Compile application, Proof of Experience Form, Examination Request Form with attached training completion certificate and documentation of education (transcript/s)
  6. Submit application, accompanying materials, and fees to OHA - OHA certification expires every year.

Step 3 Licensing: CCB Discipline License (if applicable):

  1. Complete appropriate CCB Discipline License Application.
  2. Submit CCB Discipline license application, OHA certification (you must have your OHA certification before you can submit the CCB license application) and fees to CCB.

Training, Certification and Licensing Fees

Training course fees vary by discipline. Please contact the accredited training provider for more information on course fees. Course completion certificate expires in 3 years.

  • OHA certification fees range from $50 - $85 depending on discipline.
  • OHA certification expires in one year.
  • CCB discipline licensing fees range from $25 - $50. Please visit CCB for current prices.

OHA Certification Exemption

You do NOT need to get an OHA employee certification if you are an: 
  • Employee of a regulatory agency conducting regulatory activities in a manner deemed by OHA to safeguard the public and environmental health. Employees must be trained in a manner consistent with the public and environmental health program.

You do NOT need to get an OHA firm certification if you are a:

  • Public agency whose employees perform "in house" lead-based paint services.
  • Firm or public agency that contracts with another firm or public agency to conduct lead-based paint activities on its behalf.

CCB Licensing
There may be exemptions from CCB licensing requirements. Please check their Lead-Based Paint Web page or contact them at 503-378-4621.

Accreditation of Training Programs
OHA has rules for the accreditation of training programs for lead-based paint abatement and inspection/risk assessment activities. At this time, Oregon does not have an accredited training provider for lead-based paint activities. However, Oregon accepts course completion certificates from EPA or any EPA-authorized state or tribal program. If you are interested in attending a lead-based paint activities training course, please call OHA at 971-673-0440.

Work Practice Standards
Regulations of Lead-Based Paint Activities prohibit open flame torching and uncontained power washing or hydroblasting. Machine sanding or grinding, abrasive blasting, sandblasting, or dry scraping of lead-based paint are prohibited except under specific and limited conditions. Read more about other lead paint rules and regulations.

Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule
The RRP rule requires individuals and firms conducting renovation, repair, and painting projects on pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities (child care and schools) be certified and follow lead-safe work practices. Read more about the RRP Rule.

Abatement and Inspection Firms and Professionals
Certified Abatement and Testing Firms (pdf) - A list of abatement and inspection companies. If you are interested in hiring a certified lead-based professional to inspect or work on your home, please review this list to identify professionals that will work on individual residential properties.

Certified Abatement and Testing Professionals (pdf) - A complete list of certified lead-based paint inspection and abatement professionals. Some of the listed individuals do not work on residential properties. If you are interested in hiring a certified individual to inspect or work on your home, please see the list above.

Applications, Documents, and Forms

Directions and Information


  • OHA Individual Application For Lead-Based Paint Activities Certification-Initial Complete Packet (pdf)
  • OHA Individual Application for Lead-Based Paint Activities Certification-Initial (pdf)
  • OHA Individual Application for Lead-Based Paint Activities-Recertification (pdf)
  • OHA Firm Application for Lead Abatement Certification (pdf)
  • CCB Application for Individual Lead-Based Paint Activities License (pdf)
  • CCB Application for Lead Inspection Contractors License (pdf)
  • CCB Application for Lead Abatement Contractors License (pdf)
  • Forms and Documents:

    OHA Examination Request Form for Lead-Based Paint Activities Certification (pdf)

    OHA Proof of Experience Form for Individual Lead-Based Paint Certification (pdf)

    Lead-Based Paint Notice of Abatement Form (pdf)

    Contact Oregon Health Authority or Construction Contractors Board
    Oregon Health Authority
    Lead-Based Paint Program:
    800 NE Oregon St., Suite. 640
    Portland, OR 97232-2162
    Phone: (971) 673-0440
    Fax: (971) 671-0457

    Construction Contractors Board:
    700 Summer St., NE, Suite 300
    Salem, OR 97309-5052
    Phone: (503) 378-4621, x 4053
    Fax: (503) 373-2007