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Childhood Lead Poisoning in Oregon - CD Summary, 6/15/13 

CDC's Updated Recommendations on Children's Blood Lead Levels (pdf) - 2012 

Reporting of Blood Lead Test Results

By law, Oregon laboratories and clinicians must report all blood lead test results to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) within seven working days. Elevated blood lead test results must be reported to the OHA within one working day. For more on the reporting and investigation requirements, see the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333-017, 333-018 and 333-019.

Elevated Blood Lead Test Reporting Form (pdf)- If not reporting electronically, use this form to report an elevated blood lead test result to OHA. Send elevated test results to OHA within one-working day.


Oregon Lead Poisoning Guidelines

Lead Poisoning Investigative Guidelines (pdf) - Oregon-specific lead poisoning disease reporting and follow-up.

Lead Screening Protocols



Oregon Lead Poisoning Data


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