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You must apply to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for accreditation or reaccreditation of an initial and/or refresher course in Lead-Based Paint Activities (abatement and inspection) and Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP). Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-070 (and, by reference, 40 CFR 745.225)  establishes the requirements for training program accreditation: 

            • Minimum personnel requirements 
            • Minimum curriculum requirements 
            • Reaccreditation; suspending, revoking, or denying accreditation; civil penalties 
            • Accreditation fees 


NOTE: If you are looking for an accredited training course for RRP, abatement and/or inspection, please see the list of lead training courses.

Training Program Requirements and Training Notification:

  • Requirements for RRP Accredited Training Providers are outlined in the RRP Accreditation Instructions (pdf).
  • If a training program modifies its original accreditation application or changes any information, it shall notify OHA in writing within 30 days of modification.
  • Training managers must submit a Pre-Training Notification Form (pdf or  MSWord) to OHA at least seven business days prior to the start date of a course. For more information on training notifications, see the OHA Pre- and Post-Training Notification Instructions (pdf).
  • Training providers must complete and submit the Post-Training Notification Form ( pdf or  MSWord) and Student Roster (xls) within 10 business days of a training. For RRP classes, a training program must also submit a fee of $50 for each student that successfully completes the training course. Please use the optional "RRP Student fees" spreadsheet below to calculate student fees per class.
  • If you are teaching a class in Oregon, you DO NOT need to report the pre- and post-training data to EPA.
  • A training program seeking reaccreditation must submit an application to OHA no later than 60 days before its accreditation expires.
  • Follow recordkeeping requirements as outlined in OAR 333-070 (and, by reference, 40 CFR 745.225).
Verification Cards for RRP Courses
Verification cards for RRP training providers accredited to teach in Oregon are available by calling OHA at 971-673-0440 or emailing the Lead-based Paint Program at Verification cards can be used for five years from the date given to a student. It is extremely important that the expiration date be punched on the cards before being given to the student. Using a regular hole punch, punch out the number corresponding to the month the card was given to the student, and then punch out the number corresponding to the year, five years after the card was given to the student. (For example, if the card was given to the student in May of 2017, then you would punch out the number 5 in the month row, and the number 22 in the year row).

Instructions, Applications and Forms

Lead-Based Paint Activities Accredited Training Provider Application ( pdf)

RRP Accredited Training Provider Instructions ( pdf)

RRP Accreditation Application (pdf) 

Pre- and Post-Training Notification Instructions (pdf)

Pre-Training Notification Form (pdf  or  MSWord) - form to notify OHA of upcoming lead-based paint training courses.

Post-Training Notification Form ( pdf or  MSWord) - form to notify OHA of completion of lead-based paint training courses.

Student Roster (xls) - spreadsheet to submit required student information to OHA.

RRP Student fees (xls) - an optional spreadsheet that helps to calculate student fees required by OHA