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We host a five-day class on radon measurement and mitigation whenever we have enough students to make it cost-effective for trainers from the University of Colorado's Western Radon Regional Training Center (WRRTC) to teach it. Completion of the class and successful passage of the proctored exam immediately following, allows the participant to apply for a certificate as a radon measurement and/or mitigation professional from the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).

Please see the WRRTC's radon training webpage as an example of class content and fees. [Look under '
Radon Mitigation Course" and "Radon Measurement Course."] Please direct specific questions about the class content to Dr. James F. Burkhart at 877-723-6607 or
A company with at least employee with NRPP certification is eligible to be added to be added to one of the lists (or both, if applicable) of measurement and mitigation contractors on our website. Although we don't recommend, certify or "vouch" for these companies, when we speak to people about radon, we do direct them to these lists.

As of 3/9/16,
we do not have a training scheduled.

To be notified of future radon trainings at the Portland State Office Building, please provide:

1. Your full contact information (mailings address, best email to use, and phone number, etc.)
2. How many people from your company would like training and whether they want BOTH measurement and mitigation, or just measurement. [Note: completion of the measurement course is required to take the mitigation course.]

Note: letting us know about your interest does not obligate you to take the course(s); we'll simply let you know that classes have been scheduled. When I get enough folks who're expressing interest, I will send an email on when the class is to be held and how to sign up for it.

Please contact us on class scheduling or radon in Oregon.