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2013 Radon Poster Contest
2012 National Poster Contest Winner, New York

The Oregon Radon Program invites children ages 9-14 to participate in the 2013 National Radon Poster Contest. The contest highlights the risks posed by indoor exposure to radon.

Prizes for Oregon Winners 

1st Place: $100 gift card to Discovery Store Online
2nd Place: $75 gift card to Discovery Store Online
3rd Place: $50 gift card to Discovery Store Online
* Visit the Discovery Store Website here.

  • The teacher that has the most students participate in the poster contest will receive $500 gift card to Acorn Naturalists for classroom supplies!  

The top 3 winners from Oregon will have their posters entered into the National Radon Poster Contest!

National Prizes

National winners will receive award plaques and gift cards in the amount of $1000 for first place, $600 for second, $400 for third, and $400 for special online voting recognition. National winners will be recognized in the state and EPA region where they live, and the posters will be reproduced and distributed nationally to promote radon awareness.

Artwork submission

Download the Artwork Submission Form (pdf). Entries must be received by October 31, 2012

Send poster entries and submission form to:
Kacey Setzer
Oregon Radon Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640
Portland, OR 97232

Questions? Please contact Kacey Setzer at (971) 673-0455 or

Poster Topics

Choose from the following five topics:

  1. What is radon?
  2. Where does radon come from?
  3. How does radon get into our homes?
  4. Radon can cause lung cancer.
  5. Test your home for radon.

 Judging Criteria

  1. Content accuracy
  2. Visual communication of topic
  3. Reproducibility
  4. Originality

Artwork Requirements

  1. Be original.
  2. Must not have student’s name on the front.
  3. Must include a title on the front.
  4. Topic and title must be on the Artwork Submission Form (pdf).
  5. White paper - 12 x 18 and 8.5 x 11 sizes are preferred, but all submission sizes will be accepted (preferred size eases reproducibility).
  6. Can be created with crayon, markers, paint (watercolor, tempera, acrylic), collage, photographs or computer graphics.
  7. Lettering and message should be large enough to reproduce well, with all pencil markings erased.
  8. Copyrighted characters (such as Snoopy), product logos and trademarked or brand names cannot be used.

Tips for a Winning Poster:

  • Read the rules/guidelines carefully and follow the directions.
  • Research the topic. Go to the radon home page and other radon websites.
  • Be sure the information that you put on the poster is correct (your poster is a billboard advertisement on this topic).
  • Be CREATIVE. Come up with a catchy idea/ideas.
  • Start out by drawing or sketching your idea or ideas onto regular paper.
  • Ask adults to critique your ideas and tell you what they think.
  • Be neat and clean. Try not to smudge the pencil or markers.
  • Lettering should be 1 to 2 inches tall so it is easy to read from a distance.
  • You can use stencils to help you do neat lettering.
  • Do not write long sentences, but use short phrases.
  • Do not run your letters and words all together. Leave space between each word.
  • Do not put too much information on the paper (becomes too cluttered).
  • Draw a picture or pictures that help to teach your idea or message.
  • Do not draw really small or put too many drawings on your paper.


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