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Healthy Environments
healthy activities

We are all responsible for creating healthy environments - at home, work and play. You may not realize it, but environmental public health is a part of your everyday life...

You head to the shower, then to the sink and on to your first cup of coffee, relying on clean and safe tap water. Environmental public health surveys, certifies and reviews all public water systems to ensure safe drinking water.

Later, you join some friends at a restaurant for lunch. From fast food to fine dining, environmental public health ensures food safety in all types of dining establishments.

Your dentist's office calls to remind you of your check-up tomorrow. Environmental public health confirms that all x-ray machines are safe, maintained and operated by trained professionals.

Then you are off to enjoy Oregon’s great outdoors at the beach or a local lake. Whether swimming, fishing or surfing, environmental public health provides water quality information to ensure that your trip will be a safe and healthy one.  

When you get home that evening, you start working on plans to renovate your older home. You visit the environmental public health website to learn more about lead paint. You find guidance on how to safely perform renovation work on older homes that may contain lead.

After a long day, you are thankful that environmental public health is working hard to keep you safe.

Environmental Public Health studies and ensures that our drinking water, restaurants, pools, lodging facilities, medical screening tools and other machines with radiation and our indoor and outdoor environments are safe.

Oregon’s Public Health Division is working to understand the potential health impacts of climate change and to prepare our communities to protect the health of Oregonians.
Information on safe drinking water practices, data and resources
Resources on environmental hazards and conditions that affect human health and the environment.
Resources on safe food handling practices, obtaining your food handler card, food service training manuals as well as forms, rules and guidelines on food safety.
Healthy homes and neighborhoods are welcoming and supportive places to live. They cultivate health, positive relationships and overall wellbeing.
Information here is for registrants of Tanning and X-ray equipment as well licensing information for Radioactive Materials.
Get health alerts and advisories related to beach waters, harmful algae blooms, fish consumption advice, fish advisories and swimming pools and lodging.
Tracking: following diseases or exposures through time, in an attempt to understand the patterns and occurrence of certain conditions. Assessment: examining, measuring and understanding what is in our environment and how that affects us.
Information related to promoting safe and healthy work environments to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.