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Vendor License Application:
    Attachment A:​ CT Health Physicist: Under construction.
Attachment B: Fluoroscopic Operator Training. Complete this Attachment to be approved to offer proper training to non-radiologist physicians (MD, DO, DC, and DPM) in the use o f Fluoroscopic X-ray equipment.​
Attachment C: Installation & Service Vendor. Complete this Attachment to request approval to provide the Installation of X-ray machines and related equipment as well as to provide services for X-ray machines and related equipment in Oregon. If you are filling out this Attachment you must also complete Attachment E: Qualified Expert.
Attachment D:​ Therapeutic Qualified Medical Physicist. Complete this Attachment to request approval to provide consultation services to registrants of any therapeutic radiation machines. If you only provide consultation services to the registrant of which you are employed you do not need to fill out this application attachment.
Attachment E: ​ Qualified Expert. Complete this Attachment to request approval to be a qualified expert in Oregon. If approved you will be allowed to provide the services you selected on Attachment C: Installation & Service Vendor.​
Attachment F: ​ Radiation Use & Safety Training. Complete this Attachment if you would like to offer a Radiation Use and Safety Training in Oregon as outlined in OAR 333-106-0055. ​
Attachment G:​ Sales Vendor. Complete this Attachment to request approval to provide the sales of X-ray machines and related equipment in Oregon. 

Dosimetry Providers
Instructions for H-38 Radiation Medical Event Reporting Form - X-ray 
Guidance Documents

Benchmark Guidance Document
Fluoroscopy Training for Non-Radiologist Physicians

*NEW* Out-of-State Dental Assistant Information
Prenatal Radiation Exposure Guidance