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PCBs and Fish
There are ways to reduce PCBs in fish. Following these guidelines will reduce your exposure to PCBs and other fat-soluble contaminants.
NOTE: These preparation and cooking methods will NOT get rid of mercury in fish.

Fish Cleaning GuidelinesFish diagram

  • Throw away internal organs, skin, head and tail.
  • Remove all skin.
  • Cut away the dark fat on top of fish along its backbone.
  • Slice off fat belly meat along the bottom of fish.
  • Cut away the dark, V-shaped wedge of fat located along the lateral line on each side of the fish.
  • Do not eat raw fish.
  • Bake or broil skinned, trimmed fish on a rack or grill so fat drips off and discard drippings.
  • Thoroughly clean and trim fish if making stew or soup.

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