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2013 Algae Bloom Advisories

The 2013 bloom season extended from June 2013 into January, 2014. Twelve advisories were issued that were in effect for a total of 731 days (advisory-days). Get complete details in the 2013 Bloom Season Recap.pdf2013 Bloom Season Recap.

2013 was the last season for the Harmful Algae Bloom Surveillance program as CDC funding ceased on September 30, 2013. Although many of the activities performed by the program can no longer be sustained, there are certain activities that OHA has committed to continue, such as; the issuing and lifting of advisories, receiving and documenting illnesses, and updating advisory outreach venues like this.

This map displays the location of each advisory (in sequence). See the table below for detailed information, including links to the original advisories. Links are displayed by the date an advisory was issued (start date) or lifted (end date).


2013 Advisory Listing

​# Waterbody​ Region​ County​ Dominant Species/Toxin​ Cell Count/Level​ ​Start Date ​End Date ​Duration (days)
1​ Willow Creek Reservoir​ Northeast​ ​Morrow ​Anabaena flos-aquae ​3,551,625 6/18/2013 8/13/2013​ 56​
2​ ​Lost Creek Lake Southwest​ ​Jackson Anabaena flos-aquae​ 1,175,333 6/20/2013 7/05/2013​ 15​
3​ ​Dexter Reservoir ​Willamette ​Lane ​Anabaena flos-aquae ​2,228,000 7/03/2013 9/19/2013 78​
4​ ​Dorena Reservoir ​Willamette ​Lane Anabaena flos-aquae​ ​556,000 7/25/2013​ 9/24/2013​ 61​
5​ ​Devils Lake ​Northwest ​Lincoln Microcystis​ Unknown​ 8/01/2013​ 11/21/2013​ 112​
​6 ​Blue Lake Willamette​ ​Multnomah ​Visible Scum ​Unknown 8/06/2013 8/09/2013​ 3​
​7 ​Fern Ridge Reservoir Willamette​ ​Lane ​Visible Scum ​Unknown ​8/15/2013 12/18/2013​ 125​
​8 ​Blue Lake ​Willamette ​Multnomah ​Visible Scum ​Unknown 9/09/2013​ 9/13/2013 ​4
9​ ​Lost Creek Lake ​Southwest ​Jackson Anabaena flos-aquae​ 1,032,975​ 9/13/2013 12/30/2013​ 109​
​10 Walterville Pond​ ​Willamette ​Lane ​Microcystis ​46,000 9/13/2013 10/3/2013 20​
11​ Tenmile Lakes​ Southwest​ Coos​ Microcystis​ Unknown-high toxins​ 10/04/2013​ 12/03/13​ ​60
​12 ​Willow Creek Reservoir ​Northeast ​Morrow ​Anabaena flos-aquae 1,104,950​ 10/25/2013​ 1/21/2014​ 88​


Important note about the South Umpqua River in Douglas County

There is a permanent advisory in place for this portion of the river. Signs are posted along the shoreline at most popular river access routes. Be aware of stagnant pools of water that can develop in the bedrock along the riverbank. These pools are known to develop blue-green algae blooms that can be very harmful to pets and children if exposed.