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Environmental Public Health Tracking Program Data and Data Resources

Data Resources - Demographics
Data Resources - Environmental
Data Resources - Geographic
Data Resources - Health
Software Sources

Data Resources - Demographics

U.S. Census 1990 and 2000 American Factfinder
American Housing Survey 
America's Children: Key Indicators of Well-Being, 2009 
Oregon Population Research Center
Oregon Population Survey
Oregon Explorer

Data Resources - Environmental


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Data
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Index 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EnviroFacts One-Stop for Environmental Information
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Release Inventory Program - The Toxics Release Inventory is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) database that contains detailed information on chemicals that industrial and commercial facilities manage and release.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Quality Data
U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Data
America's Children: Key Indicators of Well-Being, 2009

Oregon Climate Services
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Databases, GIS and Mapping Applications
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Oregon Drinking Water Program
Oregon Explorer
Air Indicator Report for Public Access and Community Tracking Pacific Northwest Air Quality Forecasting
AgriMet – The Pacific Northwest Cooperative Agricultural Network
BlueSkyRains Pacific Northwest Smoke Forecasting
Pacific Northwest Water Quality Data Exchange
U.S. Department of Agriculture Pacific Northwest Soil Survey
EPA Region 10 Map-based access to water quality and Superfund data
U.S. Department of Reclamations Pacific Northwest Automatic Hydrological and Meteorological Monitoring Stations

Data Resources - Geographic

Benton County
Jackson County
Josephine County
Geo Community (Some Free Data)
NASA Satellite Data
U.S. Census Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system Data
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency GIS Data for Oregon
U.S. Department of Agriculture Geospatial Data Gateway
U.S. Geological Survey United States and International Seamless Data Download System
U.S. Maps & Data  
Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office GIS Data
Oregon Explorer

Data Resources - Health

Centers for Disease Control Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Centers for Disease Control CDC Wonder Public Health Data
Centers for  Disease Control National Centers for Health Statistics
Centers for Disease Control National Cancer Statistics 
National Survey of Children’s Health
Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 
AHRQ: Heathcare Cost and Utilization Data 
America's Children: Key Indicators of Well-Being, 2009
Oregon Center for Health Statistics

Software Sources

ArcExplorer TM  is a free GIS data viewer developed by ESRI® and offers an easy way to perform a variety of basic GIS functions, including display, query, and data retrieval applications.  It can be used on its own with local data sets or as a client to Internet data and map servers.
CAMEO® is a system of software applications used widely to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies.  There are three software products, a mapping application called MARPLOT, an atmospheric dispersion model used for evaluating releases of hazardous chemical vapors called ALOHA, and a database of over 6,000 hazardous chemicals, 80,000 synonyms, and product trade names called CAMEO.
CrimeStat® is a spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations.  The program is Windows-based and interfaces with most desktop GIS programs.  The purpose is to provide supplemental statistical tools to aid law enforcement agencies and criminal justice researchers in their crime mapping efforts.  These statistical tests may be applicable to environmental public health analysis.
Environmental Protection Agency website providing links to a number of public domain software packages that conduct ground-water and vadose zone modeling
Epi Info TM allows an epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals to rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data.  Epidemiologic statistics, tables, graphs, and maps can be produced.  Epi Map displays geographic maps with data from Epi Info™.
GeoVISTA Studio is an open software development environment designed for geospatial data.  Studio allows users to quickly build applications for geocomputation and geographic visualization, with no programming required.
HealthySEAT is the Evironmental Protection Agency Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool , a new software assessment tool for use in evaluating the school environment.  The tool will allow school administrators to assess mold, asbestos, lead paint and other issues and manage the information in a database format. 
Link Plus is a probabilistic record linkage program developed at CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control in support of the CDC's National Program of Cancer Registries (NCPR).  Link Plus was written as a linkage tool for cancer registries.  It is an easy-to-use, stand-alone, Microsoft Windows-based application that can be run in two modes: to detect duplicates in a cancer registry database, or to link a cancer registry file with external files.  No barriers exist that prevent using the program with data other than cancer registry data.
MapInfo® ProViewerTM is a lightweight GIS viewer that allows you to share MapInfo Professional® maps and analyses with clients and co-workers.
SaTScan™  software analyzes spatial, temporal and space-time data using the spatial, temporal, or space-time scan statistics. It is designed for performing geographical surveillance of disease, detecting spatial or space-time disease clusters, testing whether a disease is randomly distributed, and performing repeated time-periodic disease surveillance for the early detection of disease outbreaks.