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Oregon Environmental Public Health Tracking
Environmental Public Health Tracking brings together environmental and health information sources.

Oregon Environmental Public Health Tracking (Oregon Tracking) is part of a national network working to increase understanding of environmental hazards, exposures, and health effects. Oregon Tracking hosts an indicator-based dynamic portal which provides easy to understand information at state, county, and sub-county levels for Oregon.

As a result, scientists, communities, policymakers, and the public are now better equipped to answer fundamental questions about the relationships between environmental exposures and health effects and can use this information to plan, apply, and evaluate public health actions to prevent and control environmentally related diseases.

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  • For information about air quality in Oregon and toxic metals emissions in Portland, visit
  • Need a quick overview of the 'what' and 'how' of Oregon Tracking? A PDF Documentstate specific fact sheet​ has been created outlining some of Oregon Tracking's efforts. Check it out today! 
  • You can now follow Oregon Tracking on Twitter! @OregonEPHT will feature program related news, relevant new research, conference announcements, job postings, and more.
  • Want to be more connected to Environmental Health activities across the state? Join our electronic mailing list.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about environmental public health tracking
The portal is a web-based data query system with information about environmental hazards, human exposures and potentially related health outcomes in Oregon.
Indicators and Measures
Learn more about specific environmental health indicators and related measures tracked in the EPHT system.
Upcoming events, current events, featured reports, and webinars.
Read more about the groups supporting EPHT, including OTAG, the Oregon Technical Advisory Group and DUNC, the Data Use and Network Content group.
A collection of links to health tracking training resources and tools.
Metada for Oregon EPHT environmental and health indicators