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Community Climate Choices HIA
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In 2012 and 2013, Oregon Health Authority conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) on Phase 2 of Metro’s Climate Smart Communities Scenarios Planning effort. Health impact assessment (HIA) provides decision-makers with information about how a policy, program, or project may affect the health of people.

One of the recommendations of the CSCS HIA was to "carry out additional quantitative health impact assessment of the three scenarios that are identified for further evaluation in spring 2013 to further inform development and adoption of a final preferred scenario." To support that quantitative health impact assessment, OHA recommended the use of ITHIM or a similar health impacts model for this future assessment. OHA and Metro have decided that a second HIA, the Community Climate Choices HIA (CCC HIA), is necessary for Metro and its partners to have the health information required to support the selection of a final scenario by December of 2014.

In September, OHA invited more than forty regional experts (doc) in land use planning, transportation planning, local governments, and public health to support the Community Climate Choices HIA. They have done so by providing feedback on the areas and methodologies of the assessment, as well as initial findings and draft recommendations.

The final report will out in spring 2014.

Final Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

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