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​​The Oregon HIA Programs has been providing funding and technical support for local health jurisdictions and tribal public health authorities to conduct HIAs in their own communities since 2010. A competitive funding opportunity is opened annually in September with support form the Center for ​Disease Control and Prevention's Healthy Community Design Initiative.

Oregon communities have conducted HIAs on housing policies, transportation plans and policies, parks development, land use changes, and tobacco policies. The HIA Program provides in-person trainings, analytic support including mapping, and an Oregon-specific HIA guide. Available here: 2015 Rapid HIA Toolkit (pdf)

​Oregon HIA Program-supported HIAs

Deschutes County's HIA on a chapter of the Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030 (2010)

Crook County's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety HIA (2011)

Benton County HIA on Accessory Dwelling Units (2010)

Hood River County's Barrett Park Property HIA (2011)

Benton County Roundabout HIA (2012)

Washington county Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design HIA (2012)

Curry county Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative (2013)

Benton County Intermediate HIA: Traffic Speed on Third St., South Corvallis (2013)

Clackamas County Road Safety Audit HIA (2014)

Lane County HIA of the Eugene/Springfield Affordable Housing Strategic Plan (2014)

Washington County Augusta Lane Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge HIA (2014)

Lane County

Rainier Veteran's Way and HWY 30 Crossing HIA (2015, in process)

Klamath County Tobacco Retail License HIA (2015, in process)

Central Lane Climate Scenario Planning HIA (2015, in process)

Clackamas County Road Safety Audit HIA (2014)
Clackamas County conducted an HIA alongside a road safety audit of four intersections along McLoughlin Boulevard, a main north---south thoroughfare in the county, which contains a mix of residential and commercial zoning. A Road Safety Audit (RSA) consists of a formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersections by an independent multidisciplinary team of experts. Outcomes of the RSA include identification of potential roadway safety issues and improvement opportunities for all roadway users. The HIA reviewed the proposed engineering fixes to identified safety concerns for their potential to impact health beyond exposure to injury and death. The health determinants chosen were: opportunities for physical activity, exposure to air toxics and noise, and access to health supportive resources.

The HIA was presented at the 2015 Transportation Research Board.

Curry County Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative (2013)

Curry County along the southern coast of Oregon has extremely high levels of poverty, and a higher than state average percentage of the population is over 65. Approximately one third of Curry County residents live in manufactured housing, and the county tax assessor has found that as many as 40% of those units are substandard. The state of Oregon has historically provided financing assistance to homes in need of repair, and would not provide funds to homes in need of replacement. As a result of the HIA, almost 3000 members of Curry County may be eligible for financial assistance to recycle their current manufactured home and replace it with a new unit. This will support aging in place by reducing risk of falls and fire, as well as reducing cost of associated with maintenance, heating, and electricity.

Benton County Intermediate HIA: Traffic Speed on Third St., South Corvallis (2013)

Benton County Health Services (BCHS) conducted an intermediate HIA to examine the impacts traffic speed has on important determinates of health: active transportation, traffic safety, social networks, and access to goods and services. In the interest of highlighting this relationship, BCHS undertook this HIA to provide and additional assessment of health and safety factors that ODOT speed investigations traditionally do not consider yet are often impacted by the speed, traffic volume, and design of a road.

Benton county HIA: Roundabouts (2012)

The Benton County Health Department conducted an HIA on the potential implementation of a modern roundabout at the intersection of West Hills Road and 53rd in Corvallis, OR. The HIA team generated a list of broad health impacts on safety, the environment, and quality of life and ultimately recommended that a single-lane roundabout be installed with certain features essential in order to maximize health for all users.

Washington County Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Design HIA (2012)

The HIA was conducted to better understand community motivation for bicycle and pedestrian usages in an effort to improve access to active transportation opportunities for all county residents. Key findings and recommendations from this HIA encourage the County's decision makers to adopt designs that increase safety, bicycle ridership, and attract new bicyclists.

Hood River County's Barrett Park Property HIA (2011)

In 2007, the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District bought a 30-acre former orchard property on Barrett Drive in Hood River, Oregon with the intention of developing it into land for recreational purposes. The HIA team investigated the potential health impacts of turning the land into a community park with open play fields, trails, and community gardens and made a series of recommendations to improve access to the park, meet existing health and recreation needs, and protect park users from potential contamination.

Crook County's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety HIA (2011)

This assessment estimates impacts in terms of health benefits derived from increased opportunity for physical activity from proposed local active transportation infrastructure improvements. More people walking and riding bicycles contribute to a healthier population, safer streets, stronger communities, and high environmental quality. Active forms of travel have the obvious result of increasing levels of physical activity, which reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.

Deschutes County's HIA on chapter of Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan 2010-2013 (2010)

The HIA focused on Deschutes County's Transportation and land-use planning, specifically traffic safety, opportunities for active transport and open spaces/parks, within the unincorporated community of Tumalo.

Benton County HIA on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) (2010)

The HIA provided insight into the county-wide debate concerning whether or not to amend county code to allow ADUs on rural lands in Benton County. ADUs are small, self-contained, residential units built on the same lot as and secondary to existing single-family home. Benton County formerly prohibited all rural residents from building ADUs on their properties, but residents in incorporated parts of the county were allowed to build them. As a result of this HIA, Benton County's code was amended to allow ADUs.