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Health Impact Assessment
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Health Impact Assessment (HIA) provides decision-makers with information about how any policy, program or project may affect community health and wellbeing. The Oregon Public Health Division's Health Impact Assessment initiative focuses on building our collective capacity to evaluate the health effects of projects and policies, and to provide the information to decision makers.​​​​

​Oregon HIAs in the News

The Clackamas County Road Safety Audit HIA is currently profiled on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Your Health - Your Environment Blog. The road safety audit (RSA) was chosen as the focus for an HIA because the RSA provided Transportation and Public Health staff with and opportunity to maximize the health benefits of RSA strategies implemented to improve to traffic safety, and to build off of Clackamas County's recently completed Transportation System Plan Update, which included health improvement goals. The HIA is also intended to support Clackamas County's "Drive to Zero" campaign, which aims to eliminate traffic crashes by promoting a culture of health throughout the county as part of the adopted Clackamas County Transportation Safety Action Plan. Read about the Healthy Community Design Initiative.

Clackamas County Public Health conducted the HIA with support from the Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development and Oregon Public Health Institute, and with funding from the Oregon Public Health Division's HIA Program. The Oregon HIA Programs funds local projects with support from the Health Community Design Initiative in the National Center for Environmental Public Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

You can read the CDC blog post here: CDC blog post

You can read a summary of the HIA report here ClackamasRSAHIASummary.pdfClackamasRSAHIASummary.pdf

You can read the full report hereClackamasHIAReport.pdfClackamasHIAReport.pdf


​Climate Smart Strategy HIA Final Report Released

In August 2014, Oregon Health Authority conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) on Phase 3 of Metro's Climate Smart Communities Scenarios Planning effort. 

  • The Climate Smart Strategy HIA - CSS HIA (pdf) is intended to provide for Metro and its partners health information and evidence-based recommendations to support the selection of a healthy final scenario by December of 2014.

In January 2013, OHA invited forty regional experts in land use planning, transportation planning, local governments, and public health to support the first of three related HIAs on Metro's planning work. These advisors provided feedback on the areas and methodologies of the most recent assessment, as well as initial findings and draft recommendations

Learn more about the NW HIA Network

The NW HIA Network is a diverse group of over 300 professionals from government agencies, nonprofit and advocacy groups, health care organizations, and private sector companies. We share a common interest in incorporating health into decision making. The Network meets four times a year to increase communication, encourage collaboration and build our collective capacity for HIA. Please join the listserv to share and receive information, and to be notified of upcoming HIA Network meetings.

*All meetings 9:30-11:00 a.m. Meeting locations TBD.

News and Events

  • August 2013- HIA stories from the field.

    OHA is a recipient of HIA Program funding from the Healthy Community Design Initiative in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Environmental Health. The CDC recently developed a series of case studies about recent HIA projects. You can read all of them, including one about OHA's Climate Smart Communities Scenarios HIA, at the CDC's website.
  • July 2013-Crook County Health Department wins NACCHO award for its "excellent use of the Health Impact Assessment process".

    Crook County, Oregon, one of the first recipients of OHA's small HIA grants, was honored by the National Association of County and City Health Officials as 2013's Small Health Department of the year for "developing and implementing a program that demonstrates exemplary and replicable qualities in response to a local health need." One of the projects within that program was an HIA on a local bike path, which encouraged ODOT to award funds to the rehabilitation of the bike path.
  • July 2013- Curry County Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative HIA on OPB's Think Out Loud radio.

    In December 2012, OHA awarded a small grant to Curry County's health department to conduct an HIA on the potential health impacts of the Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative. In March 2013, the project was designated an Oregon Solutions project. In late July 2013, Curry County partners got together to hear a presentation of the health findings and draft recommendations, and to sign a declaration of participation committing to assist with implementation of the program. Listen to OPB's Think Out Loud to hear Curry County staffer and HIA practitioner Annette Klinefelter talk about the health implications of aging manufactured units based on findings from the HIA and the pilot program that will replace 25 homes with new manufactured houses.