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Climate and Health Resilience Plan

The Climate and Health Resilience Plan​ offers a selection of strategies and policy priorities for state, local, and tribal public health practitioners and partners.

Watch the video series that was created as part of this project

Climate and Health Vulnerability Assessment

The Climate and Health Vulnerability Assessment provides a set of maps focused on social vulnerability indicators that can be used in climate resilience and adaptation planning in Oregon.

Climate and Health Profile Report

The Oregon Climate and Health Profile Report outlines the different health risks that may increase as our climate changes and describes the populations who are most vulnerable to these risks.

Local climate adaptation plans and summary sheets
  1. Benton County
    Benton County Climate Change Health Adaptation Plan (pdf)
    Summary Sheet (pdf)
  2. Crook County
    Crook County Climate and Health Adaptation Plan (pdf)
    Summary Sheet (pdf)
  3. Jackson County
    Jackson County Climate and Health Action Plan (pdf)
    Summary Sheet (pdf)
  4. Multnomah County
    Multnomah County Climate Change and Public Health Preparation Plan (pdf)
    Summary Sheet (pdf)
  5. North Central Public Health District
    North Central District Climate Adaptation Plan (pdf)
    Summary Sheet (pdf)​

​An evaluation of the local planning process was conducted and ​is available upon request.

Annual Program Progress Reports

Training Materials