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Core Competencies for All Health Professionals

In order to establish and maintain breastfeeding, women need education and support from a knowledgeable health care community, the Core Competencies in Breastfeeding for All Health Professionals were developed by the US Breastfeeding Committee. These provide health professionals with a guideline and framework to integrate evidence-based breastfeeding knowledge, skills, and attitudes into their standard health care delivery practices. 


Online Training Module

The Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium offers hospitals and health care professionals certified training and performance improvement tools for implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative's 10 Steps for Successful Breastfeeding. 


Self-Study Module

Self-Study Module in Lactation Management from Wellstart International, whose mission is to advance the knowledge, skills, and ability of health care providers regarding the promotion, protection, and support of optimal infant and maternal health and nutrition from conception through the completion of weaning. 

In-Person Trainings