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Babies First! Educational Links


General Measurement and Growth

Web-based modules cover growth fundamentals, how to use and interpret the revised growth charts, how to calculate BMI, as well as the equipment and technique related to weighing and measuring infants and children. Approximately 2 hours.

HRSA MCHB with links to CDC related modules

Growth Charts for Preterm Infants (Babson and Benda, 2003)

Downloadable preterm infant growth chart with instruction for plotting.

Guidance for Public Health Nurses on the mandatory "non-accidental" injury reporting requirement (ORS 146.750)

This guidance was developed in consultation with Shannon O’Fallon, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice and Gretchen Koch RN, MSN Policy Analyst, Nursing Practice and Evaluation, Oregon State Board of Nursing. (11/22/13)

A Health Professional's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health Management

Web-based modules cover how to identify and monitor children at-risk for early childhood caries and to how to ensure appropriate follow-up. Approximately 2.5 hours.

American Academy of Pediatrics Policy and Clinical Guidelines Statements

Current AAP Policy Statements on multiple issues.

Hearing, Vision and Oral Health Screening Tutorial

Excellent website from the Minnesota Department of Health. Offers teaching modules on hearing, vision and oral health screening procedures for infants and young children. At the Minnesota Dept. of Health webpage under Hearing and Vision Screening, click on "Trainings" and then scroll down to the listing of hearing and vision screening tutorials. Click on either one and scroll down to a menu of screenings that includes oral health and lead screening.

Resources for no-cost infant eye assessment

Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3) and ASQ Social Emotional

ASQ is a validated tool for screening children for developmental delays during the crucial first five years of life.  Parents complete the series of 21 different questionnaires and the results provide the Babies First nurse with information to make appropriate referrals for further assessment/diagnosis and appropriate intervention.

Download colorful ready-to-print activity stickers sized for Avery labels.

The Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs (OCCYSHN)

OCCYSHN has created a Developmental Screening and Referral webpage. The new webpage includes copies of the most recent EI/ECSE Universal Referral Form (English and Spanish) as well as links, information and resources previously posted on OHA’s ABCD webpage. Click below to link to the page:

M-CHAT Resources

The M-CHAT is validated for screening toddlers, between 16 and 30 months of age, to assess risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This website provides the screening tool, the scoring instructions, and guidelines for use of the M-CHAT tool.

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

An informational and training website that provides support systems and resources to organizations, communities and individuals to strengthen capacity to effectively address domestic violence and intersecting issues.


Is My Baby OKAY? Motor Development

Pathways Awareness Foundation. Learn to recognize indicators of abnormal physical movement patterns through observation. Supports the use of the Infant Motor Screen (IMS).