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Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV)
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MIECHV Overview

  • Federal Requirements
    • Measures in 6 benchmark areas
    • Measures for several constructs in each benchmark area
    • Must show improvement in at least 4 benchmark areas in at least 50% of the constructs in those areas
    • The document titled Federal Requirements for Meeting Legislatively-Mandated Benchmarks - Appendix A, gives a little more detail about the federal requirements
  • States were required to choose their own specific measure and assessment tool for each federally required construct
  • Oregon's team for choosing the measures had a representative from each of the 3 MIECHV funded home visiting models
    • Early Head Start
    • Healthy Families Oregon
    • Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Principles Oregon used to select measures
    • Use valid and reliable tools
    • Minimize program burden
    • Continue use of existing tools where possible
    • Minimize use of multiple tools for the same measure
    • Use outcome measures where possible
    • The document titled Oregon's MIECHV Benchmark Plan Narrative - Appendix A, provides this information and more about the plan Oregon submitted to HRSA
  • There are two documents in Appendix A that provide more information about Oregon's MIECHV measures
    • Oregon MIECHV Measures in Brief gives a brief description of each measure (updated 3/18/14)
    • Oregon MIECHV Measures gives a complete description of each measure


Appendix A: MIECHV Benchmarks
  1. Federal Requirements for Meeting Legislatively-Mandated Benchmarks (pdf)
  2. Oregon MIECHV Benchmark Plan Narrative (pdf)
  3. Oregon MIECHV Measures in Brief (pdf) (updated 3/18/14)
  4. Oregon MIECHV Measures (pdf)