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What were your or your husband's or partner's reasons for not doing anything to keep from getting pregnant? Check all that apply.


I didn't mind if I got pregnant 46.6%
I thought I could not get pregnant at that time 33.4%
I had side effects from the birth control method I was using 15.2%
I had problems getting birth control when I needed it 11.0%
I thought my husband or partner or I was sterile 10.4%
My husband or partner didn't want to use anything 15.0%
Other 15.7%
(n = 416) Note: Includes only those who said that they were not trying to get pregnant when they got pregnant with their new baby and did not do anything to keep from getting pregnant

  • All results are weighted.
  • These results are for surveys that were mailed to mothers from April 2003 through March 2004. Child's dates of birth were from 1/1/2003 through 12/31/2003.
  • The number of respondents (n) is the number of women who chose the responses above.
  • Percents may not add to 100.0 due to rounding.
*2003 Data collected under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocol.

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