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Ask the Expert | Oregon CCare

Got a question about birth control?


Connie is a public health nurse at the Oregon Health Authority and has heard it all.

Here is one she gets asked a lot:

I am worried, is my sex drive going to go down if I get a vasectomy?
- Male, age 35, Pilot Rock

A vasectomy is a procedure that either ties off or cuts the tube carrying sperm. That's it. Think of it as a roadblock stopping your sperm from getting where they want to go. Your testicles and hormones will not be affected in the least, so your sex dive will be just like it was before the vasectomy. While we are on the topic, vasectomy doesn't cause problems with your erection, ejaculation, or orgasm. You know what can though? Stressing out over it. Vasectomy is the ultimate worry-free method for men who are finished having children! So get one and relax.

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