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Ask the Expert | Oregon CCare

Got a question about birth control?


Connie is a public health nurse at the Oregon Health Authority and has heard it all.

Here is one she gets asked a lot:

I'm thinking about getting an IUD, but I've heard that my partner might feel it, is that true?
- Sensitive Sue, Salem

When the IUD (one of the most effective methods, btw) is placed inside the uterus, there is a little string that hangs out of the cervix from deep within the vagina. The string is there so that it can easily be removed later and so that you can check and make sure it's in the right place. Some men can feel the string -- but most don't. If he does feel it, tell him that it's a minor thing compared to an unplanned pregnancy! And if you don't want to have any "strings" attached to your birth control, there are plenty of other options for you.

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