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Ask the Expert | Oregon CCare

Got a question about birth control?


Connie is a public health nurse at the Oregon Health Authority and has heard it all.

Here is one she gets asked a lot:

My partner and I are thinking about getting pregnant. What should we do to have the healthiest pregnancy possible? - Female, age 24, Molalla

Pregnancy is awesome, but it is also a huge responsibility. There are a lot of things you need to do even before you try to have a pregnancy. First is making healthy lifestyle changes for both you and your partner (quit smoking and drinking); next, make sure all your vaccinations are up to date; and last but not least, take folic acid every day for at least a month before getting pregnant. Of course, your health care provider will talk with you about all of this and much more. As for your partner, he can keep you happy by providing you with all those strange food cravings you are going to have!

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