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Ask the Expert | Oregon CCare

Got a question about birth control?


Connie is a public health nurse at the Oregon Health Authority and has heard it all.

Here is one she gets asked a lot:

I took the pill and the side effects were so annoying I stopped taking them. I tried the Nuvaring and didn’t like that either. I am starting to wonder if it's the hormones. Are there any good hormone-free choices for me?
- Female, age 20, St. Helens

Yes, you are in luck. The most effective hormone-free method is the Paraguard® IUD. It's a small copper-releasing device that that disables sperm from doing its job. Other methods you might consider are condoms (male and female), diaphragm, and vaginal spermicides. Of course, these methods only work if you remember to use them and use them correctly!

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