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Visit a Clinic | Oregon CCare

Never been to a birth control clinic before? Or maybe it's been a long time? No problem.

Watch the CCare video below and you'll learn all about what you can expect at a typical visit.

Transcript of video (pdf)

Get Microsoft SilverlightVisiting a CCare Clinic - What to Expect

Visit Checklist

It’s important to know that clinic staff are eager to make your visit a positive experience and answer all of your questions. You can prepare for a successful visit by thinking about what you want to discuss with your provider during your visit.

Here are some things you may want to think about when deciding on a birth control method. Talk them over with your health care provider.

Ask yourself:

Checkbox How often do I want to have a period?
Checkbox Do I want to have a baby? If so, when?
Checkbox Can I remember to use a method everyday?
Checkbox Am I comfortable touching my vaginal area?
Checkbox Will my partner like this method?
Checkbox How do I feel about getting shots?
Checkbox Do I know where I can get emergency contraception if I need it?

Ask your provider:

Checkbox How does this method work?
Checkbox How do I use it?
Checkbox How well does it work to prevent pregnancy?
Checkbox Will I have side effects?
Checkbox What do I do if I don’t like it?
Checkbox What do I do if this method doesn’t work for me?

Don’t forget to bring:

Checkbox Your U.S. Birth Certificate or Passport. Can’t find it? No worries, you can still be seen and we can help you get proof.


If you were born outside of the U.S. and have been a lawful permanent resident for five or more years you do not need to bring any additional documentation.
Checkbox Identification like a driver's license or state identification card (something that has your picture or physical description).

Checkbox Health insurance information, if you have coverage.