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Breast & Cervical Cancer Program Program Rules Webpage

Program Rules

What are OARs?

Oregon Administrative Rules are a compilation of agency directives or standards that implement, interpret or prescribe policy, or describe the procedure or practice requirements of any agency.

How can they help the BCCP?

  • The OARs lay out program requirements of the BCCP so that providers are clear about what is expected of them when they agree to provide BCCP services.
  • With clear expectations laid out in the rules, contracts can become streamlined into a medical services agreement, only including the information necessary to create a legally binding agreement.
    • We hope to reduce the contract to less than 10 pages (currently around 40 pages) and only require it to be signed once, rather than once per year.

Download the OARs.

  • OARs (Effective June 16, 2008)

How will these OARs affect current contracts?

The current contracts will be replaced with Medical Service Agreements (MSA). The MSA will be less than 10 pages, compared to the current contracts that are around 40 pages. The new MSA will be sent out for your review and signature starting in July 2008.