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Become a Participant
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Are you eligible for the program?

Services are provided across Oregon. Please contact us for specific locations.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • An Oregon resident (live or intend to live in Oregon)
  • A woman at least 40 years old and not older than 64 years old
  • Already participating in Oregon's Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
  • Either uninsured or underinsured
    - Uninsured: you do not have health insurance.
    - Underinsured: you have health insurance, but not enough to cover your needs.
What services are available?
  • Lab tests for diabetes and heart disease
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling
Where can I get services?

Download a list of providers offering WISEWOMAN services (pdf).

How do I sign up?

Call our toll-free information/HOTLINE at 1-877-255-7070 to find a out if you are eligible for the program or to find a BCCP/WISEWOMAN provider.

Privacy Practices

Read about Oregon Health Authority Privacy Practices.