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Oregon SBHC Standards for Certification

Oregon's SBHC standards for certification were developed in partnership with the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance, Conference of Local Health Officials, and the SBHC State Program Office (SPO).  Oregon's certification process was implemented on July 1, 2000. In 2014, Oregon Administrative Rules 333-028-0200 through 333-028-0250 were adopted to establish the procedures and criteria the Oregon Health Authority shall us to certify, suspend and decertify SBHCs. Certification of a SBHC by the SPO is voluntary; an operating clinic is free to operate without participating in SPO certification. However, only certified SBHCs are eligible for funding from the Oregon Health Authority.

Reference to certification requirements can be found OARS 333-028-0200 through 333-028-0250 and in the Local County Health Department contracts under Program Element 44: School-Based Health Centers


SPO Standards for Certification



The goals of standardization are to:

  • Establish clearly-defined SBHC model for Oregon;
  • Reduce site-to-site variability; and
  • Increase evidence-based practice and quality improvement, particularly among adolescent and child populations.

Benefits of certification: