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Oregon SBHC Training Documents


January 14, 2015
"SBHC 101: School-Based Health Care in Oregon"
  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. SBHC 101: School-Based Health Care in Oregon webinar
September 11, 2014
"SBHC Operational Profile Training"
  1. PowerPoint Presentation
August 26, 2014
"SBHC Certification and You: What to Expect During Your First Certification Site Visit"
  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2.  SBHC Certification and You webinar 
  3. SBHC Certification and You webinar transcript
March 13, 2014
"Cracking the Code: How to Design a Successful Business Model for Funding and Sustainability of School-Based Health and Mental Health Services"
  1. Power Point Presentation 

February 20, 2012
"Bright Futures: Tools and Resources for a SBHC Practice"
  1.  Power Point Presentation 

SBHC Introductory Webinars
  1.  SBHC Mission and Goals 
  2.  SBHC Certification Part 1 
  3.  SBHC Certification Part 2 
  4.  The Role of Data Collection and Reporting
January 14, 2010  
"Framing the Message and Developing Partnerships for you SBHC"

  1.  Framing the Message - Presentation  
  2.  Framing Scenarios for Planning Sites   
  3.  Partnership Toolkit    
January 23, 2009
"Oregon School-Based Health Centers and the History of our Funding"
  1.  PowerPoint Presentation  
  2.  School-Based Health Center Funding Workgroup Report
December 9, 2008
"Difference in School Nursing and SBHC Nursing Practices in Oregon"
  1.  PowerPoint Presentation   
  2.  Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) letter on HIPAA-FERPA  
  3.  Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) - FAQs  
  4.  Oregon Minor Statutes  
  5.  Oregon School Nursing Statutes  
  6.  School Nursing Task Force Report  
  7.  NASBHC Policy on School Nurses and SBHCs  
  8.  Oregon SBHC KPM Policy  
  9.  Joint Guidance on the Application of the FERPA and HIPAA to Student Health Records
November 4, 2008
"Changes to Oregon's Nursing Scope of Practice 2008"
  1.  PowerPoint Presentation  
  2.  RN Delegation  
  3.  Nursing Scope of Practice