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WIC Farm Direct Nutrition Program

WIC receives enough funding to offer Farm Direct checks to about 25% of enrolled WIC participants each year. The $4 checks can be used at authorized farm stands and farmers markets. The farmers market checks can be spent on locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables and can be used from June 1st through October 31st​  



Using your Farm Direct checks

Shopping with Farm Direct is easy!

  • Take your checks to any participating farmers’ market or farm stand.
  • Look for the green signs that say “Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks Welcome Here!” to find farmers who take Farm Direct checks.
  • Choose the fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables you want to buy. Organic products are allowed.
  • Choose only locally grown produce (no bananas, oranges, lemons, pineapples, etc.).
  • Tell the farmer you are using WIC Farm Direct checks. 



Tips for shopping at farmers' markets and farm stands


  • Tell the farmer you are using WIC Farm Direct checks.
  • For the best selection, get there early.
  • Bring your own shopping bag.
  • Shop all through the summer and fall. Different fruits and vegetables are sold each month.
  • Let your child choose a fruit or vegetable to try.



Best times to buy fruits and vegetables
at your local farmers' markets​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Apples ​July - Oct. ​Greens Aug.- Oct.​
​Apricots ​July - Aug. ​Lettuce ​June - Oct.
​Asparagus ​June - July ​Nectarines ​July - Aug.
​Beans ​July - Aug. ​Onions ​June - Oct.
Blackberries ​July - Sept. ​Peaches ​June - Aug.
​Bok choy ​July - Oct. ​Pears ​Aug. - Oct.
​Broccoli ​July - Oct. ​Peas ​June - July
​Cabbage ​July - Oct. ​Peppers ​Aug. - Oct.
​Cantaloupe ​Aug.- Sept. ​Plums ​Aug. - Sept.
​Carrots ​July - Oct. ​Potatoes ​July - Oct.
​Cauliflower ​June - Oct. ​Pumpkins ​Sept. - Oct.
​Cherries ​July - July ​Spinach ​June - July
​Corn ​Aug. - Oct. ​Squash ​July - Oct.
​Cucumber July - Sept. ​Strawberries ​June - July
​Garlic ​June - Oct. ​Tomatoes ​July - Oct.
​Green beans ​July - Aug. ​Watermelon ​Aug. - Sept.


Recipes and hints for selecting, cooking and storing fruits and vegetables