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Paper Modules
Paper training modules can be downloaded or viewed online (see links below). Hard copies can be ordered using the WIC Module Order Form.
Online Courses

Before you begin, you will need to: 1) set-up your computer for WIC's online courses, 2) transfer your account from the old DHS/OHA Learning Center or register in iLearnOregon for the first time; and 3) update your account information in iLearn. Please use the following documents for guidance:

  1. Configure your computer: Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting
  2. Transfer from DHS/OHA Learning Center or Register, AND update your account: Getting Started in iLearn for Local Agency Staff & Partners

WIC online courses currently only work in Internet Explorer 7 or newer.



Training Evaluation
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Level I: All Staff 

Title ​Revised Date ​Est. Time to Complete Links to PDFs and
iLearn Courses
Introduction to WIC 2016 2 - 5 hours

Staff Training Module
184 pages, 8,500 KB

Breastfeeding Level I 2013 1.5 hours

Online Course Module 1
Online Course Module 2
Online Post Test

Food Package 2016 2 - 5 hours

 Staff Training Module
212 pages, 6,808 KB

Job aids only
42 pages, 952 KB

Participant Centered Services (PCS):
Setting the Stage
2014 1.5 hours Online Course




Level II: CPAs


Title Revised
Est.Time to
Links to PDFs and
iLearn Courses
Anthropometric 2012 2 hours

Online course

Hematology 2012 2 hours

Online course

Basic Nutrition 2013 4 hours

Online course

Dietary Risk 2015 8 hours

Staff training module
274 pages, 1,861 KB

Risk information sheets only:

Nutrition Risk 2015 7 - 11 hours

Staff training module
530 pages, 7.19 MB

Risk Information sheets only
176 pages, 3.61 MB

Information About Medical Conditions
pages, 4.4 MB MB

Job aids only 
44 pages, 660 KB

WIC Participant Centered Education (PCE) ​ 2010 ​ 7 - 8 hours ​

Online Module 0
Online Module 1
Online Module 2
Online Module 3 
Online Module 4

Online Module 5
Online Module 6
Online Module 7
Online Module 8
Online Module 9

​ ​PCE handouts and activities only
66 pages, 578 KB
Prenatal Nutrition 2012 2 hours

Online course

Child Nutrition 2012 2 hours

Online course

Infant Feeding and Nutrition 2014 2 - 3 hours

Staff training module
161 pages, 1.96 MB

Infant Formula​ ​2014 ​2 - 3 hours Staff training module
138 pages, 1.14 MB​
Breastfeeding Level 2 2004 6 - 9 hours

Staff training module
364 pages, 9.45 MB

Postpartum 2012 2 hours

Online course

Baby Behaviors** 2013 2.5 hours

 **NOTE: This module is currently not available in iLearnOregon. Contact Niani Dunner to be mailed a disc.

Providing Participant Centered Groups 2013 9 - 10 hours

Staff training module
250 pages, 6.77 MB


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