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Staff Nutrition Ed Resources
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Resources for staff


 The Secrets of Baby Behavior: How Babies Communicate & Its Importance in Feeding

 Translating Infant Cues into the Group Setting

  • USDA Food and Nutrition Services core messages
  •  Oregon State University's Extension website, Food Hero, offers ideas and resources to supplement WIC nutrition education. For example, their Food Hero Monthly newsletters are attractive, ready-to-use, and include seasonal recipes.



Online nutrition education resources


Health Bites materials


Topics Fridge Notes​

Dental care for pregnant women and infants: English

Breastfeeding promotion: English 

How to breastfeed: English 

Pregnancy and nutrition: English

After delivery

Postpartum nutrition and weight loss: English

Supporting continued breastfeeding: English

Weaning: English


Feeding your older infant: English

Feeding your younger infant: English


Dental care for toddlers and preschoolers: English

Feeding your toddler: English

Portion sizes for toddlers: English


Feeding your preschoolers: English

Picky eaters: English

Portion sizes for preschoolers: English

Food groups

Adult portion sizes: English

Family mealtime: English

Healthy weight in children: English

Vegetables and gardening: English


Cooking fast and healthy meals: English

Junk food, snacks and eating out: English


Physical activity: English

Smart shopping: English



Class materials

Family Mealtime
For curriculum, see our Family Mealtime page



Screen Time Awareness: You Have the Power

Participant centered group outline


You Have the Power activity sheet

Handout Five steps to guide your child's activity time



Infant Cues
Outline Clues to Baby Cues: Understanding Baby Behavior
Powerpoint Clues to Cues (adapt for your agency)

Healthy Sleep for You and Your Baby (57-704)
English | Spanish

Understanding Your Baby's Cues (57-705)
English | Spanish

Why Do Babies Cry (57-706)
English | Spanish



Farm Direct Nutrition Program
Outline Shopping with WIC at Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands
Guide Eligible Produce Guide
Worksheet WIC and Farm Direct Eligible Produce
Order form Ordering Farm Direct Nutrition Program materials
Self-paced lesson Shopping with WIC at Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands: English | Spanish

Shopping with WIC at Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands: English | Spanish

Farm Direct Nutrition Program brochure:
English | Spanish

Sample green sign, "Oregon Farm Direct Checks WELCOME HERE"

Sample blue sign, "Oregon WIC Fruit and Veggie Vouchers WELCOME HERE"

List of local farmers' markets and farm stands from the Oregon Department of Agriculture's search directory

Find a Farmer card




Get the skinny on milk



Whole Grains
Outline What we gain with whole grains

Whole grain WIC cereals

Fiber bucks

High fiber food list

What do your taste buds say?

Becoming a whole grain food detective