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WIC PCE Module Resources

Resources from WIC-PCE e-Learning Modules 1-9

Click on this link to open a PDF of all Handouts, Activities, and Observation Activities from Modules 1 through 9.

Handouts, Activities, and Observation Activities (PDF, 66 pages, 5.8 MB)


Documents for individual modules are listed below.

Module 1: What Motivates People to Change

Handout:  Stages of Change Overview and Counseling Strategies

Activity:  How Ready Are You?

Observation Activity:  What Motivates People to Change?

Module 2: The Spirit of PCE

Handout:  Heart of Participant Centered Education

Observation Activity:  The Spirit of Participant Centered Education

Module 3: Opening the Conversation

Activity: Clinic Self-Assessment

Observation Activity: Opening the Conversation

Module 4: OARS

Observation Activity: O.A.R.S

Activity: Keeping the Spirit Alive

Module 5: Roadblocks to Listening

Activity:  How Do You Relate to Various People in WIC?

Activity:  Roadblocks to Listening

Observation Activity: Roadblocks to Listening

Module 6: Moving from Assessment to Counseling

Observation Activity: Moving from Assessment to Counseling

Handout: Blank Circle Chart

Module 7: Providing Advice - Offering Nutrition Education

Handout: Explore-Offer-Explore

Handout: Moving from Assessment to Providing Nutrition Education Flow Chart 

Handout: Handouts the PC Way

Handout: Pre-Filled Circle Charts

Observation Activity: Providing Advice: Offering Nutrition Education

Module 8: Rolling with Resistance

Observation Activity:  Rolling with Resistance

Module 9 Next Steps

Handout: Establishing Next Steps: Baby Steps to a Healthy Future 

Observation Activity: Next Steps 

Handout: Health Outcome-Based Eligibility Statement

Activity:  Putting All the Pieces Together

Activity:  Participant Centered Services: How Are You Doing?