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Shopping with eWIC

How to use eWIC

Check out the resources below to get started. Talk to your WIC clinic if you still have questions.


Who to call for help

Call your WIC clinic if...
  • You have questions about WIC foods or amounts
  • You were not able to buy a food that you think is WIC approved

Call eWIC Customer Service at 1-844-234-4946 if...
  • Your card is lost, stolen or damaged
  • You need to reset or change your PIN
  • You think your receipt doesn't match what you bought

Setting your PIN


Before using your eWIC card the first time, you must pick a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your card.


 Set your PIN by calling eWIC Customer Service at 1-844-234-4946 or by logging onto


Using your e​WIC card


You can use your eWIC card just like a debit card. You can access your balance, purchase history, and other information by logging on to



Choosing your WIC foods

Check your balance before you shop.

There are several ways to check your balance:

Don't forget, you still need your Food List to know which brands and sizes are allowed. The food list comes in multiple languages. If you have a smart phone, you can even download it to your phone to use while you shop.


Finding a store that accepts eWIC




Before shopping, make sure the store can accept your eWIC card.
  • Use our searchable map to find eWIC stores or pharmacies.
  • Your WIC office can also tell you which stores accept eWIC in your area, or you can ask an employee at your favorite store.
  • Some stores may only be able to accept your eWIC card in one lane. Ask a store employee or look for a sign that says "WIC accepted in this lane."

What if the store won't l​et me buy a certain food?

This could be because...
  • You don't have enough of your WIC food balance left this month to buy it.
  • It's not a WIC approved food, or it could be an approved food but the wrong size or brand.
  • We made a mistake, and a WIC approved food did not get added to the list we sent to the store.
If this happens...
  • The cashier can't change anything to let you buy the item right now.
  • Check your food balance. If you're sure you have enough left, check your Food List to see if you have the correct size or brand.
  • If you think it's a mistake, e-mail a picture of the product label, including the UPC code, to If it is a WIC approved food it may be available the next time you shop.


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 VIDEO: Setting your PIN


 VIDEO: Protecting your eWIC card


 VIDEO: Shopping with your eWIC card


 VIDEO: Checking your WIC food balance