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Oregon WIC Retailers
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This page is a resource for grocery stores and pharmacies. For more information, call the Vendor Answer Line at 1-877-807-0889 or e-mail

Oregon WIC participants receive nutrition education along with vouchers to buy specific foods from WIC-authorized vendors throughout Oregon.

eWIC for vendors

The Oregon WIC Program is converting our current WIC paper voucher system to a WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system (called "eWIC"). For more information on eWIC and vendors, please visit our eWIC for Vendors page


eWIC Vendor Training: Training schedule     Registration form

Current topics for WIC vendors





Becoming a WIC vendor


***Beginning August 15, 2015, Oregon WIC has temporarily stopped accepting
applications for prospective new stores while transitioning to eWIC. We will resume
accepting new store applications on March 15, 2016, after all currently authorized stores have transitioned to eWIC. New store authorizations will begin on April 15, 2016.***


All applicants must read the  Sample Vendor Agreement prior to becoming WIC authorized. Be sure to read all instructions included in the packet before completing and submitting your application. If you have any questions, call the Vendor Answer Line at 1-877-807-0889.

Grocery stores

If your grocery store is interested in becoming WIC authorized you must:

  • Have a permanent fixed location for your store with adequate refrigeration, freezer and shelf space;
  • Currently be Food Stamp/SNAP authorized (or pending authorization);
  • Commit to regularly meeting WIC minimum stock requirements for ALL items at ALL times. For more information see Minimum Stock Requirements for your store size and the WIC Food List;
  • Commit to keeping your pricing competitive with other stores in your peer group and submitting shelf prices for selected products (at least) semi-annually or as requested; and
  • Commit to purchasing your infant formula from an allowed distributor



WIC authorizes pharmacies to sell formula and medical foods only. Pharmacies are exempt from Minimum Stock Requirements.

WIC authorized Food List

The WIC Food List shows which foods you can sell to WIC clients. The most current version is dated "October 1, 2014, revised March 1, 2015" on the cover. The Food List is now available in print in English and Spanish, and electronically in Chinese, Russian, Somali, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Infant formula distributors

WIC authorized vendors are required to order infant formula from authorized sources. See the list below for manufacturers and distributors who are currently authorized. If you don't see your source listed, fill out this form and send it to the Oregon WIC program.

Resources for current WIC vendors

WIC Vendor Advisory Council

The WIC Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) serves as an open communication channel between the Oregon WIC Program and the state's WIC-authorized vendors. VAC provides an avenue for gathering issues and information on a broad array of WIC-related subjects that impact vendors.

2015 meeting schedule:
  • Thursday, January 22
  • Thursday, April 23
  • Thursday, July 23 
  • Thursday, October 22

All 2015 meetings will be held 10:00 a.m. - noon, at the Portland State Office Building, room 1-D, 800 NE Oregon St, Portland.

Meeting minutes