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Resolving problems and troubleshooting WIC transactions



WIC approved products

  • icxls Oregon WIC APL, updated October 6, 2016. Please note: There may be products that are Oregon WIC-approved but not yet on this Approved Products List (APL). See instructions below for submitting products to the APL.
  • Oregon WIC formula UPCs and descriptions
  • Pictorial Food List (available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic and Somali)
  • WIC Food List addendum with tortilla and baby food brands, effective 12/1/2015.


Submitting products to the WIC Approved Products List (APL)

To submit products not currently on the APL that you think may be WIC-eligible, please complete one of the following Oregon WIC UPC Request forms:




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WIC rules and regulations

For more information on the federal and state rules that govern the WIC Program, please see our WIC regulations page



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 2016 Food List overview for WIC vendors