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Using this site

Please browse this overview of our site:

Tip: Use our search bar

If you can't find what you're looking for, enter keywords where it says "Search Public Health" at the top of each page. This will search our entire Public Health Division website. 
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Our content is arranged by topic. These are the eight main topic areas:

  • Birth & Death Certificates (vital records, vital statistics and surveys)
  • Diseases & Conditions (chronic and communicable diseases, HIV and STDs, injury data and genetic conditions)
  • Healthy Environments (drinking water, climate change, food safety, healthy homes and neighborhoods, radiation protection, recreation and workplace health)
  • Healthy People & Families (information about prenatal and infant health, child health, women's health, men's health, WIC and reproductive and sexual health)
  • Laboratory Services (information from the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory, virology/immunology, Laboratory Response Network, Newborn Screening and ORELAP)
  • Preparedness (information about emergency preparedness in Oregon)
  • Prevention & Wellness (antibiotic awareness, flu prevention, immunizations, nutrition, physical activity, oral health, safe living and tobacco prevention)
  • Provider & Partner Resources (EMS & Trauma systems, information for hospitals and medical providers, evaluation and research, and resources for local health departments and community partners)
Program Directory
You can find Public Health program and staff contact information by clicking the Public Health Directory tab at the top right of each page. Public Health Directory image

Home page design

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On the home page, you can check out each of the eight topic areas by hovering over each heading.

You can also find the latest press releases, most popular content, and links to featured events and important news from programs across Public Health.

Site-wide navigation

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Once you leave the home page, place your mouse cursor over the orange "arrow" button from any page to see the site-wide navigation menu, which shows all our main topics. This helps you quickly access content from across our site.

"Breadcrumb" navigation

You will find "breadcrumb" navigation near the top of each page. These links gives you a road-map or "pathway" to show you where you are in the site.

Cross-cutting categories

We have site-wide category pages that let you quickly access the wide variety of information public health has to offer. 

  • You can easily see data from across the Public Health Division by clicking the Data & Statistics tab at the top of each page.
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  • Interested in program rules and regulations? You can browse program-specific Oregon Administrative Rules and Oregon Revised Statutes by clicking Rules & Regulations.
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