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Submitting Specimens to CDC for Testing

Beginning February 4, 2013 there is a new process for submitting specimens to CDC for testing. 

All specimens are to be accompanied by a new form that must be electronically completed by the OSPHL. Submitters are to provide OSPHL with the information that CDC requires using CDC Specimen Submission Information form.

How to submit a specimen for CDC Testing:

  1. Complete the CDC Specimen Submission Information form electronically (preferred)
  2. Print the completed form
  3. Complete the appropriate OSPHL Test Request form
  4. Enclose both completed forms with your specimen and submit to the OSPHL.

If you must use a hand-fillable form (not preferred) you may print the blank form then complete by hand. Attach your completed form to the specimen and submit to the OSPHL.

Please direct all questions to OSPHL at 503-693-4100 and ask for General Micro or Virology.