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Communicable Disease Services Billing Changes

In response to our clients' requests for increased billing capacity, the OSPHL has contracted with a new billing vendor to bill for communicable disease testing.

To assure a successful implementation, some changes will be needed. We do not have an official implementation date or list of procedural changes yet. We will update this page and distribute communications to our contacts lists as more information becomes available.

 Here is what our clients need to know at this time:

  • Your work flow: Insurance/payer information will be required on the OSPHL test request forms. We understand that this might take some time to implement at some locations and we suggest that you begin planning now for this and for any associated work flow changes you may need to implement.

After implementation, if insurance/payer information is not on the test request forms, you organization will be billed and expected to pay for the testing, except as noted under the Fees heading below.

  • Communications: Please send the contact information for any staff members in your organization who need to receive updates and training e-mails as we proceed with implementation. Send this to
  • Forms and procedures: Test request forms and some procedures will change. We will host a series of webinars that will detail the changes. Training announcements will be e-mailed to our contacts list and posted on this page.
  • Fees: The OSPHL's fees will not change during the implementation process and public health programs and grants will continue to be charged as they currently are.