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Recreational Advisories
For your health and safety

The Oregon Public Health Division works to protect people living, working and playing near Oregon's beaches, rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

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Beach Advisories

Beach water is sampled for high levels of bacteria to let visitors know when there is a health concern. Testing is done from Memorial Day in May through Labor Day in September. Read more about Oregon's Beach Monitoring Program, browse the list below or check current beach conditions for more details.

Harmful Algae Bloom Advisories

OHA advises the public when a harmful algae bloom has been detected in a lake or river. Not all blooms are harmful, but when a bloom is caused by cyanobacteria, toxins may be present that can cause serious illness in pets, livestock, wildlife and humans. Browse the list below or view maps and more details about current and previous advisories.

Fish Consumption Advisories

Fish advisories are designed to help you gain the health benefits of eating fish while protecting you and your family from contaminants that are sometimes found in fish.

Coho salmon fishing in the Lower Willamette: LOW risk from blue-green algae

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has opened the coho salmon fishing season (September 26 through December 31, 2014) on the Lower Willamette, Sandy and Clackamas rivers.

In light of the high cell counts of blue-green algae found in the Lower Willamette, and the associated health advisory for potential toxins present, the Oregon health Authority is informing anglers that coho salmon caught from this stretch of the Willamette are ok to eat since they only pass through these waters, limiting their exposure to cyantoxins. 

OHA advises anglers to: 

  • Minimize water contact in the advisory area, and wash hands and fish with fresh water.
  • Remove all fat, skin and organs before cooking fish.

For more information about fishing regulations and the coho bag limit visit the ODFW website.

Water News

Learn about hazards and health issues in Oregon water bodies.