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Collette Young, PhD
Center Administrator

Nancy Bood
Executive Assistant

Jutta Dann
Program Support Manager

Note: See Programs list below for program staff directories.


Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section

Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section monitors communicable disease occurrence in the state; guides investigation and control of communicable diseases; investigates outbreaks; and helps ensure that communicable disease threats are responded to appropriately.

Health Security, Preparedness and Response

Health Security, Preparedness and Response works with the Conference of Local Health Officials (CLHO) and the region's Tribes to develop plans and procedures that better prepare Oregon to respond to, mitigate, and recover from all public health emergencies. This effort is an emergency response collaboration with Oregon Emergency Management (OEM) and local Emergency Management.

HIV, STD and Tuberculosis Section

The HIV, STD and Tuberculosis Section monitors the occurrence of these diseases in the state, works to prevent their spread and provides direct services to low-income HIV-positive persons.

Oregon Immunization Program

The Oregon Immunization Program develops, implements and evaluates public and private efforts to provide immunizations to Oregonians throughout their lives. The Immunization Program annually purchases vaccines and distributes them to public and private partners. Other program areas include outbreak surveillance, school immunization law, clinical training and support, Strategic National Stockpile coordination, and management of the ALERT immunization information system.

Oregon State Public Health Laboratory

The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory supports state and local infectious disease control efforts, works to prevent metabolic disorders detectable at birth, and assures the quality of testing in clinical and environmental laboratories.

Vital Records - Center for Health Statistics Section

The Vital Records - Center for Health Statistics Section provides vital records including birth, death and marriage certificates for Oregonians. The Section administers the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, two important sources of data about risk behaviors.


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The Center for Public Health Practice houses programs that work with county public health departments, particularly related to communicable disease control and public health emergencies. This includes the State Public Health Laboratory, Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention, Immunization, and Health Security, Preparedness and Response.

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