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Electronic Laboratory Reporting Program

About Us

The Oregon ELR project is a long-term effort to convert major labs, county health departments and the state public health division to electronic data interchange.

ELR is part of Acute & Communicable Disease Prevention in the Center for Public Health Practice.

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In this system, the public health division functions as an electronic hub to accept, route and process electronic HL7 messages containing lab and clinical data.

Historically, communicable disease reporting to state and county health departments has been largely paper-based, relying heavily upon procedures such as FAX, telephone and mail. However, today's sophisticated laboratory information systems bring an opportunity to move toward electronic laboratory reporting.

In this system, the public health division serves a new role, functioning as an electronic hub to accept, route, and process HL7 messages containing lab and clinical data.

The essential roles of all partners remain unchanged. This is purely a routing process change. The data transfer to the county level will be virtually immediate, and the county health department will continue to perform its current investigative and other responses.


This new system offers long-term benefits to both laboratories and county or local health departments.

  • Automation of reporting reduces lab person hours and duplicate data entry.
  • Single data depository removes need for multiple county faxes and phone calls.
  • Faster, more timely reporting.
  • Reduces human errors.
  • Improves public health efficacy and reduces duplicate data entry for public health.

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Electronic Laboratory Reporting Program
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