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Coordinated School Health Program


Isabelle Barbour, MPH
School Health Coordinator

Nigel Chaumeton
School Health Research Analyst

About Us

The Coordinated School Health (CSH) model was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the late 1980s. CSH utilizes eight interactive components that reflect key school health areas. Together these components guide people involved in school health planning to think broadly about how to prevent health related barriers to learning, and promote health for the entire school community. Key action steps serve as a roadmap for engaging the Coordinated School Health model in an inclusive, effective and sustainable way.

The Coordinated School Health Program is part of the Adolescent, Genetic and Reproductive Health Section in the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion.

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Healthy Kids Learn Better Partnership (HKLB) is a statewide effort to help local schools and communities form partnerships and reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning. The HKLB State Program, supported and administered by the Oregon Public Health Division, provides technical assistance to education and public health partners on school health issues including the Coordinated School Health approach.

All youth in Oregon are healthy and successful learners who contribute positively to their communities.

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Coordinated School Health Program
Healthy Kids Learn Better
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