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Oregon Comprehensive Cancer Control Program


Luci Longoria, MPH
Health Promotion Manager

Jordana A. Leeb
Cancer Program Coordinator / Community Programs Liaison

About Us

The Oregon Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (OCCP) works alongside other chronic disease prevention programs to support state and community initiatives based on policy, systems and environmental approaches. CCCP works collaboratively with multiple public health, health system, community, and advocacy partners at the local, state, and federal levels to address the modifiable root causes of cancers, improving screening rates and community-clinical linkages for at-risk populations, and improve the health and quality of life for cancer survivors.

The Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control is part of the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section in the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion.

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Our vision for the state of Oregon is a place where:

  • Stakeholders take an integrated and coordinated approach in order to maximize and achieve desired cancer control outcomes
  • Efforts include population-based prevention approaches for cancer
  • Individuals will not get preventable cancer
  • Those individuals with detectable cancers are diagnosed in the earliest stage of the disease
  • Those individuals with treatable cancers are given the highest quality state-of-the art care and rehabilitation necessary to optimize their survival and quality of life.
  • Those individuals in the end stages of incurable cancers are cared for in a way that maximizes the quality of their life and death
  • Full support is given to research directed toward understanding the causes of cancers and toward improving prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation
  • There will be respect for family and friends who are caregivers of persons with cancer
  • Health care providers will have access to resources to provide evidence-based comprehensive care

* Adopted by the Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control (OPCC) Core Planning Committee, September 2003. The OPCC gives thanks and acknowledgement to the Washington State Comprehensive Cancer Control Partnership (WA CCCP) for its Vision, Mission, Roles and Values document.


Our mission is to:

  • Enhance cancer prevention activities
  • Reduce cancer morbidity and mortality
  • Increase equity in access to appropriate preventative, diagnostic, medical, rehabilitative and palliative care
  • Maximize the quality of life for individuals affected by cancer
  • Promote research
  • Educate consumers, providers, payers, and policy makers on cancer issues
  • Utilize and promote accurate and complete cancer control data

We value a process that encourages broad participation and is:

  • Prevention oriented
  • Integrated and coordinated
  • Science-based
  • Data-driven
  • Committed to reducing health disparities
  • Culturally respectful
  • Patient informed
  • Outcome oriented
  • Comprehensive in nature
  • Respectful of individual autonomy and rights

Our role is to provide leadership in and advocacy for:

  • Assuring adequate prevention programs/strategies
  • Identifying and prioritizing needs
  • Identifying resources and interventions
  • Catalyzing and coordinating activities
  • Assuring health workforce, equipment, and service availability
  • Assuring financial resources are available

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Oregon Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 730
Portland OR 97232

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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM