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Newborn Screening Program


Christianne Biggs, MS

About Us

Screening newborns for endocrine, hemoglobin, CF, metabolic and SCID  disorders

The Northwest Regional Newborn Screening Program screens newborns for endocrine, hemoglobin, cystic fibrosis, metabolic and severe combined immunodeficiency disorders - identifying infants who need immediate treatment to prevent developmental problems, mental deficiency or death. Identified infants are tracked to ensure they receive appropriate medical care.

The Newborn Screening Program is part of the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory in the Center for Public Health Practice.

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Newborns routinely have specimens drawn for testing before discharge from the hospital. Specimens are drawn with a heel prick, and the blood spotted on a special filter paper collection kit which is sent to the laboratory for testing. Oregon's newborn screening kits are provided by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory upon prepaid request.
The program tests more than 320,000 specimens representing more than 180,000 babies each year and is entirely supported by fees.
The parents' pamphlet (pdf) explains the screening program and is distributed when babies are discharged from the hospital. It contains information about the importance of newborn screening as well as the best time for the second specimen to be drawn (10-15 days).
The Northwest Regional Newborn Screening Program produces a Practitioner's Manual (pdf) for doctors, midwives, nurse practitioners and laboratorians who work with newborns. It includes information about screening practices, specimen collection, educational services, as well as more information about disorders.

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Newborn Screening Program
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